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  1. Trying to obtain information of my grandmothers family from Bazar.Last name is Katznelson

  2. Attempting to obtain information on grandmothers family.KATZNELSON from Bazar.

    • moderator says:

      Hello, I haven’t looked through the letters for some time. Do you mean Bazar in Zhitomir region?

      • kim dennis says:

        I’m not sure of location.But it’s near Vinystia and Maitlim.I was always thought they were from Kiev.

  3. kim dennis says:

    Really I like your method of assisting.My last name was Denisovski.Ihave not been successful in anything I try.My family were from Baza
    Sinusitis,or Maitln.Iwad told by my great aunt Goldman grandmothers surname Katznelson and a Berl Katlxnelson as active politically.If you ever need assistance withanything please font hesitate to use me.

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