If you are interested in Jewish genealogy;

If you would like to travel to Ukraine;

If there is a space in your family tree;

If you want to know your roots;

If you are interested in conducting research in Ukrainian Archives

If you are interested in visiting the graves of your relatives and you have no possibility to come to Ukraine -


We offer you our help in travelling about Ukrainian. You’ll visit Ukrainian towns and cities ( former shtetlah), Jewish cemeteries, Tzadics’ graves and old and new schuls. We arrange meeting with people in Jewish communities.   You will have an opportunity to visit any shtetlah  you like. We can book you a hotel anywhere you wish. Just tell us the type of hotel you prefer –  modern, old fashioned, etc. We’ll provide you a comfortable car with a qualified driver , which will be with you throughout your trip  You’ll have no difficulties in communicating. A experienced English – Russian- Ukrainian interpreter is at your disposal. A skilled guide will tell you everything about present and past Jewish life in Ukrainian shtetlah. We also can conduct researches in the archives and send you the photocopies of the documents. Our team can help you with any English – Russian – Ukrainian translation – oral or written. 

We can take the photos of the cemeteries or certain graves. We are ready to make a cemetery photo project in any town of  Ukraine.

To contact us, send an email to  Anna Royzner at : rik.dn.ua@gmail.com or ann.rik59@gmail.com

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