November 16, 2010 To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Anna Royzner, who was our guide and translator in the Ukraine in June 2010. We spent 5 days with her going to various shtetls where my ancestors came from. She was not just a wonderful traveling companion but a dedicated, hardworking and extremely knowledgeable person about Jewish life in the Ukraine. She has many contacts throughout the Jews remaining in various parts of the Ukraine and has a wonderful way of connecting with people and helping to ferret out useful information about current and prior Jewish life there. Anna threw herself into the work in my shtetls, literally joining me in looking through the overgrown underbrush in various Jewish cemeteries to try to find tombstones of my ancestors.  My wife and I certainly agree that she would be an outstanding speaker and expert who deserves to have a wider audience by appearing at the next Jewish Genealogy conference in July 2011. All who are able to attend her talk will be educated and inspired by her remarks and by her persona. We would be happy to supply more details or answer any additional questions that would prove helpful. Thank you.Sincerely.

Karen and Doug Seidman, New York 


I think she is a wonderful translator and guide and because she knows the history of Ukraine and Jews in Ukraine so well, she is able to help her clients understand the social and political context in which Jews lived in the past and in the present. I hope I can capture her true gifts when I write my letter of reference. Thanks for getting in touch about Anna.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Shein Truro,

Nova Scotia


I agree with your analysis of Anna Royzner.

In my experience with her, she was able to make preparations in various cities and tiny villages of Ukraine prior to my visit, including appointments for us to meet various relevant personages in both categories. While we are seasoned independent travelers, it was a pleasure to be guided by her from airplane touch-down to lift-off.

She organised research in archives for us, prior to our arrival, when we were there, and continued to do research for us after we left, translating the material into English (her being a teacher of English). I was particularly impressed that she also included copies of the original material with her translations. She responds promptly to my requests.

Her knowledge of the country, of the Jewish history there, and her experiences growing up in Ukraine under Russian “assistance” added substantially to our experience and understanding. She was always pleasant with the two of us, even laughing at my poor attempts at humour. It was also touching for her to suggest foods and recipes that my ancestors would have used and about which I was unfamiliar having grown up in the USA, Scotland, and now in New Zealand.

I would have no hesitation recommending her as any category of guide, researcher, or translator in Ukraine and to any category of researcher or genealogist.

Cheers Dr Arnold Chamove BA, MA, PhD, MPhil, FIBiol, CPsychol UK, Reg Psych NZ, DSc


Dear Mr. Miller, 

We would like to wholehearted endorse your recommendation that Anna Royzner be an expert presenter at the 2011 Jewish Genealogy Conference.

In 2002, my wife and I traveled to Ukraine to visit the village where my paternal grandparents had lived until they emigrated to the United States in the early years of the twentieth century. We came across Ms Royzner’s name in the course of our research for the trip and contacted her about being our guide and interpreter, since we knew we could not do such a visit on our own. We hired her for the five days we would be in Ukraine and did not regret our decision. Her knowledge of history, her ability to make contacts with local people and her sensitivity to the needs of her clients was impressive. She made our trip to Ukraine far more productive and than we had ever imagined. Even after we had returned home, Ms Royzner continued to do research to follow up on leads concerning my family, without any extra compensation I might add. I have no doubt whatsoever that, given her knowledge and experience, she would add tremendously to the Conference.

Wishing you a very successful 2011 Jewish Genealogical Conference,

Mark Zola

Istanbul, Turkey


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